Floral February

Personal project ( 2018 )

Following the floral prompts by Lydia Fenwick, I came up with a series of drawings combining women and floral meanings. The drawings were then scanned in and combined digitally into a large piece.

01 • Tulip : Perfect love
When is meaning meaningless and only serves as a means of obligation and oppression?

02 • Anemone: Protection
Can meaning save or is it unnecessary suffocation?

03 • Hibiscus: Femininity
Is meaning a crowning glory or a grooming noose?

04 • Primrose : Youth
Does meaning complement or does it corrupt?

05 • Peony : Honour
Is it honourable to live with meaning, or does meaning hide a shameful life?

06 • Hollyhock : Ambition
Does meaning drive ambition or does it blind with its ambition?

07 • Cherry Blossoms : “fragility”
Does meaning make you stronger or does clinging to it make you frailer?

08 • Rose : “impossibility”
Does meaning add a shade of truth or does it tint reality?

09 • Protea : “transformation”
Does meaning transform life, or does life transform meaning?

10 • Sunflower : “positivity”
Does meaning lend strength to character or is it the core weakness to bend spirit?

11 • Cactus : “chastity”
Is it meaningful to discard sexuality, or to embrace its totality by all means?

12 • Lupine : “imagination”
Is meaning born out of imagination or is imagination birthed from meaning?

13 • Orchid : “fertility”
Does the birth of meaning signal productivity, or does the potential to deliver signal more meaning?

14 • Carnation : “pure love”
Is it meaningful to be devoted to ideals, or is it an ideal to devour meaninglessness?

15 • Pansy : “thoughtfulness”
When do thoughts form meaning, or does meaning consume thoughts?

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