Wedding Rites

Competition piece ( 2018 )
61 x 91.5cm, watercolour and acrylic on canvas. 

The transition of daughter to wife is laden with bountiful meanings, many of which signal virtues upheld by tradition. Purity in mind and heart, is both a (dying) value and a (death) wish that binds and blinds daughters. With teachings placed upon her as a headdress of white flowers and time-honoured teachings of gold woven around her, does the daughter walk into marriage taught well, or is she walking into her own funeral?

I submitted this for UOB’s Painting of the Year. There were so many other participants and I felt so nervous! I’ll get to know if I’m shortlisted soon. Even if I’m not, this was an amazing learning journey for me. I went through so many stages of love and hatred towards all the working and ugly phases, it was an emotional journey getting this done.

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