Born in Singapore, 1988.

Based in Singapore, Jasmine is  an explorer of the realm that exists between design and art. Currently, she is a freelance Art Director based in Singapore and full-time artist/illustrator with a decade of experience in both graphic and web design projects that span across a spectrum of industries.

With a pencil in her hand, she spent her childhood constantly filling blank spaces with drawings of her imagination before putting  aside organic art for the structured world of html, css and code. Trained in web and interfaces, Jasmine spent years in the industry garnering experience in print and graphic design before returning to school and her first love – art and illustration.  She received her Bachelor’s (Hons) in Communication Design from the Glasgow School of Art Singapore in 2015.

Jasmine is not limited to any set design style or format, and constantly seeks to refine her design processes through the exploration of traditional art as her secondary passion.  Her art seeks to question society’s perspectives and attitudes towards mundanity, norms and truths through the combination and juxtapositioning of mundane subjects and objects. By adopting a designer’s approach into exploration and experimentation, she is also not limited to any artistic style or medium and choose to constantly seek more meaning through making. 

Full resume and experience available upon on request. Drop her a email at for inquiries.

JAZHMINE is the combination of her initials J.A.Z.H. with her name Jasmine.

2019 –  Giraffes Singapore Community Art Exhibition, Far East Plaza, Singapore
2019 –  Noise Local Motif: A Moving Art Exhibition, Downtown Line Train, Singapore
2019 –  “My Take on Water” Initiative Art Exhibition, Orchard Road, Singapore
2019 –  “Street of Clans” Creative Festival, 8 Cafe & Bar, Singapore
2015 –  Annulling Rites, Unmaking Icons,  Flaneur Gallery, Singapore
2015 –  Assembly: Communication Design, Blackhall Studios, London
2015 – The GSA Degree Show 2015, National Design Centre, Singapore
2014 – The Dart Show, Canvas, Singapore
2014 – The Glasgow School of Art Singapore Overseas Immersion Programme Exhibition, The Glasgow School of Art Reid Building, Glasgow, Scotland
2013 – The Dark Horse Show – 100 Days of GSA, Home Club, Singapore

July 2018 – Penang Anime Matsuri, Penang, Malaysia
May 2018 – Creators Super Fest, Jakarta, Indonesia