Live art demonstration, Lion Stationery at Popular Bookfest ( 2018 )

A few months ago, I received a great opportunity to gain a new creative skill, as well as to build upon my communication ability. I was tasked to demonstrate the use of brush markers before interested consumers during a large stationery fair that took place in the ten days before Christmas Eve. That started me on the journey of learning brush lettering and whilst I was working at the event, I also found ways to explore the possibilities of using brush markers in illustration. That was something I’ve not done much before. Greatly enjoyed the whole experience of conversing with avid amateurs, as well as young talents who were already experts in the craft.

Special thanks and much gratitude towards Mandy (@haruko412) for recommending me for this project! Thank you!

They printed out colouring sheets and I filled in one of those with the Artline Decorite and Artline Stix brush markers before filling in details with SARASA milky pens and Maped thing markers.

Brush lettered doodles

Brush lettered greeting cards

Brush marker illustrations


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