28 Portraits

Personal project ( 2018 )

Once again, thank you to all of you who took part in my #jazh2800 art event and had conversations with me, however brief they were! 

I started this on 24th May and I took over 3 months to complete all 28 portraits, along with my other art projects as well as my day job. Guess I was preparing myself for the pace of Inktober. I think my aesthetic, concepts as well as craft and skill have grown over these 3 months and I’m looking forward to working on the ideas I have up next. I’ve learnt the ebbs and flow of my work process, and that I really shouldn’t rush myself or do art when I am feeling terrible about life or me.

01/28: First portrait features @tsilbern and her adorable baby with amazing smiles that lit up my drawing experience. 

02/28: For @raeborn who loves Lord of the Rings and Star Wars! Made you into a Dark Elf Sith Lord who wears pastel pink cause I didn’t want to go too much to the dark side…

03/28: For @atiqahyun whose smile is always sunny! 🌼

04/28: For @caty_giudici who loves cats! I guess it’s back to basics for me, and learning something new now: ballpoint drawing without any pencil sketches beforehand.

05/28: For @xandrawanderlustwho loves unicorns, elephants and peonies. Here’s a fantasy themed drawing of you! 

06/28: For @_methinart.h_ who loves hydrangeas! Hope you don’t mind me giving you really big hair to go with the adorable balls of flowers!

07/28: for @capricapeta_sou who loves the sun and sunflowers, hence depicted as a sun goddess! 🌻

08/28: for @m.xrisx who loves traditional Japanese patterns and foxes

09/28: For dear @snmeow who has been an immense source of motivation and loves cats, very very much! 🐈

10/28: A portrait of @flash_delirium, as requested by the amazing @vonnart! An elven moon mage who controls the pull and pulls of gravity, immensity and serendipity 🌘

11/28: For @mocopink.art who loves japanese food and onigiri! 🌼 do check out her Instagram if you like adorable illustrations filled with cheerful colours! 

12/28: For @ludiasart who loves lily of the valley (do check out her account! She’s got an art event going on!) 🌿 When I saw her photograph, I couldn’t help but picture her drawn in the Art Nouveau style! 

13/28: for @sleeplessclinicwho loves lilies and carnations!

14/28: for @ozcrunchy who loves plants, cats, the quiet and details in life! Thank you Mel for taking part in my art event, glad to have met you during Public Garden! 🐈🌿🐈🌿

15/28: for @estoy_shooketh who loves orchids! 

16/28: for @dionnyz who loves fashion and art ⬛️⬜️🔲🔳

17/28: For @strawberrimihlk who loves jellyfish and has such beautiful curls! I’m jelly of your hair 😍

18/28: for @yuki_tanaka._ 🌹 

19/28: for @petrichorbones who loves puppies!! 🐶

20/28: for @mizuwizu who loves unicorns!

21/28: for @tah_1384 who owns this lovely kitty. Enjoyed painting this piece especially the little paws. 🐈

22/28: for @haddipaige who loves to watch clouds by the beach! ☁️ 

23/28: for @kier_t who loves vampires! 💉 do check out Kier’s art as well! 

24/28: for @mar_de_lio who loves how I draw flowers. Thank you so much for your constant support and for gracing my instagram feed with so many of your lovely art that intertwines florals with the female form! 🌸

25/28: for @ofthesea_draws who loves whales. Your photo reminded me of the sea and oceans so much, I was inspired to draw your favourite whales tossing and swimming around you. 🐋

26/28: for @xamberlouise3 who loves sleeping, here’s you as a dream witch! Thank you for taking part in my art event!! 🔮

27/28: for @sepoygoodboywho has been in the creative industry for decades, loves cooking and soba.

28/28: the last of the portraits. For @reubsssss who sent me a photo of him using his phone at a restaurant and told me he loves prawns. I can’t help it, this needed to be drawn. 

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