Personal project ( 2018 )

I’m not too sure about the exact origins of this hashtag and community project on Instagram. It was earlier this year that several artists took it up and encouraged their fellow artists to draw their art in their own respective styles. I took part in a few of them and found myself amazed by how one subject can be depicted in so many personal styles.

I’m personally still developing my visual language, aesthetics and style so this was a great exercise to see how I’d illustrate someone else’s work differently.

Late to the #lanajaychallenge by @lanajay_art but I wanted to experiment with lineart and watercolours. I have tattoos myself and I haven’t drawn someone with inks yet. Maybe I should do more.

Taking part in @torianne00‘s #drawthisinyourstyle featuring her character Natasha!  drawing full body character remains a challenge. Took the chance to study references.

Congratulations to the really strong and empowering artist @cutiepatoodieart on reaching 55k!! (62.9k now yay!!) thank you for holding this #drawthisinyourstyle#cutiepatoodieart55k art event cause it’s brought me back to my childhood! 🌙 enjoyed working on this piece 🌸

Another #drawthisinyourstyle for @nadiarausa‘s 22k celebratory art event! Congratulations Nadia!! I took a lot of artistic license to draw your original piece in my own style 🙇🏻‍♀️ exploring with painting without linework this time!

Another #drawthisinyourstyle; taking this chance to learn techniques, colour theory from different artists and explore my way through styling. This one is from @tomaszmroart‘s drawing of a man with butterflies… I referenced Taeyong from @nct@nct127 and played around with the positive-negative space and patterns.

Another day, another #drawthisinyourstyle, this one is of @margaretmoralesart‘s. Figured I’ll make her entirely plant-like? This makes me want to do a fanart of Poison Ivy somehow… been alternating using references and not. This exploratory process seems to be leading me somewhere…

Really late to this… My interpretation of @janicesung‘s “Bambi”, took it in another direction and emphasised the flowers.
Pose reference from Fashion Magazine 2010 February cover, Jessica Stam photographed by Derek Kettela.

Today’s #drawthisinyourstylefeatures @0073.uv‘s original character “Cody” and her familiar “Merlin”. Had a lot of fun with the composition and design of this.

Slowly getting back into lineart, in preparation for @drawtober and @inktober! Today’s piece is a #drawthisinyourstyle of @aniefishstar‘s art. Do do go check out their pieces and give the account a follow!

I’m not great at sci-fi but thought i’d give this a go even if I’m late for the actual deadline. Today’s drawing is @mins_arts‘s “Minjung”. Thank you for the inspiration and practice your original drawing has given me! 🌹

Another redraw, bet you’re tired of me posting them hahaha. This one is of @cyanishida‘s “Audra”, a pirate character. Playing around with more linework and complex details into this one. I think I’m gonna exhaust my Sakura Microns soon.
I like doing redraws, to me it’s like paying homage and honour to fellow artists who give so much support to my own art. So this is for you @cyanishida ❤️

Last of the redraws, I’ll be concentrating on my personal art projects and inktober stuff now. Today’s piece is of @resaa.art‘s dreamy works. Thank you for the chance to draw inspiration and practice! ❤️☁️

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