Art Director, Designer
SOZO Pte Ltd., Singapore ( 2011, 2012, 2017, 2018 )

Designed the identities for SOZO’s events, platforms and segments

AFA PLAY: Anime Festival Asia’s (AFA) game showcase
JFE: AFA’s showcase of Japanese entertainment companies
ARCC: Redsigned cosplay championship logo
Food Street: Area in AFA dedicated to food booths
Spring Taikai: Standalone event in 2012
Anisong Fantasy Live: Series of concerts held in 2017
Cosplay All Star Network: Platform linking clients to cosplayers
WCS Singapore: Logo for Singapore’s cosplay competition
Natsu Rock: Logo for a Japanese rock festival in 2018
Anime Bar by AFA: First launched in C3 AFA Jakarta 2018
Gakuen Royale: School themed butler cafe logo